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Cold Repair & Protection Solutions

Wherever erosion, cavitation, impingement, abrasive wear, microbial or chemical attack, or other kinds of corrosion manifest themselves in fluid flow systems


EGYSCHEMA provides the optimal solution of Repair & Protection for :

  •  Cold Welding Pipeline.

  •  Floating Roof Tank.

  •  Floating Hoses.

  •  Heat Exchanger.

  •  Oil & Water Coller.

  •  Repair, and Protect Pumps & Valves.

  •  Repair Shaft.

  •  Wrapping Pipeline.

Cost-effective, simple, and safe to use, “cold” repairs and reclamation with highly engineered, advanced metal polymer compounds. Allows for rapid repairs, filling, reinforcement, and metal reclamation for a rapid return-to-service while maintaining the integrity of the original state of metal and metallurgy by avoiding heat or welding.

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