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flange management


For Safe and Reliable Flange connections
At EGYSCHEMA Services we fully understand the environmental, safety, and economic factors that drive the requirement of leak-free systems. In recent years, the management of bolted flange connections has been highlighted as a major factor in reducing leaks and fugitive emissions

  • Improved safety.

  • Reduced downtime.

  • Assured reliability.

  • Reduction of lost product.

  • Leak and emission containment.

  • Elimination of repetitive maintenance costs.

Our reference

  • API 570, Inspection, repair, alteration, and rerating of in-service piping systems.

  • API 571, Damage mechanisms affecting fixed equipment in the refining industry.

  • ASME PCC-1, Guidelines for pressure boundary bolted flange joint assembly.

   provides:         1-In-service Works

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1.1  Routine Inspection:

Routine inspections are performed several times during the life of an asset and include assembly and/or in-service inspection of the joints during operation. Inspections performed during the operation of the system alert maintenance and operations to developing problems and when leakage is noticed, a detailed inspection of the troubled joint (both before and after disassembly) assists in determining the root cause of the leak as these inspections are essential in determining the proper corrective action required. The performance of a pressurized gasket bolted flanged joint, either standard or code designed, is measured in terms of its ability to remain leak free through all the anticipated operations.

1.2 Preventive Maintenance:

Accessible flange faces should be examined for distortion and to determine the condition of gasket-seating surfaces. If flanges are significantly bent or distorted, their markings and thicknesses should be checked against engineering requirements before taking corrective action. Flange bolts should be examined visually for corrosion and thread engagement. Bolts should be fully engaged.

1.2.1 Flanges Preventive Maintenance 
1.2.2 Bolts Preventive Maintenance 
1.2.3 Gaskets Preventive Maintenance

After doing all the checks, a record will be done in detail and handed to the client.

   provides:         2-In-service Works

  • Cleaning and examining all flanges to quick surfaces contact

  • Alignment of flanged joints 

  • Installation of gasket

  • Lubrication of working surfaces

  • Installation of bolts Tightening method / load-control technique

  • Joint disassembly

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flange management
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