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INSPECTION Project for a Pipeline petroleum company PPC

Updated: Apr 11

It is a national project for pipeline petroleum company.

- Pipeline petroleum company is a massive network of pipelines reaches about 7000km and pumping stations covering most of Egypt have the exclusive concession of transporting crude oil and its products between production fields, refineries and distributors.

The main objective of the project is to install actuators and solar energy on all main line valves in all lines of Egypt and make connections to these valves through a PLC network and controlling them through control rooms.

EGYSCHEMA and EVACO companies are partners in this project.

The role of EGYSCHEMA company in this project is to do an online inspection on the valves and find out if there is a leak or not.

  • 18 lines have been done with a total of 420 valves.

  • inspection valves were reported to PPC.

  • zero injuries during the examinations.,

  • EGYSCHEMA has done the project in 66 work days.

EGYSCHEMA was used the ULTRASOUND hearing Technique to test Valves.


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