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INSPECTION Projects for Alexandria Petroleum Company

Updated: Apr 11

Alexandria Petroleum Company APC

APC is a refinery company that has a unique position among the international refining companies.

Their mission is fulfilling the needs of the local market from petroleum products and export the excess in order to increase the national income and save the foreign specie. In order to do that, we use advanced technology to put into effect the highest production rate and renew the styles of the work and develop the information systems to enhance the operating economies. Also achieving the government policy in the field of privatization by executing several from the joint-stock companies with the private sector.

EGYSCHEMA, and EVACO companies are partners in this project.

An initial evaluation of the project was made by EGYSCHEMA, EVACO to calculate the number of working days that will be completed for the project.

  • An official assignment was made from the Alexandria Petroleum Company to EGYSCHEMA, EVACO for inspection to distillation units 3,4, VRU unit, and oil unit 4000 by Rope access.

  • The rope access crew are qualified NDT level 2 and certified level 1,2,3 Rope access.

  • Isolation has been removed on pipes and fitting.

  • The necessary measurements and isometric drawings of the units were made.

  • Work on Distillation Unit 4 was completed within 45 days.

  • Work on Distillation Unit 3 was completed within 66 days.

  • Work on VRU Unit was completed within 28 days.

  • Work on Oil Unit 4000 was completed within 75 days.

  • During 214 working days, zero injuries and deaths were recorded.

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